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Asiattic Black Nation

What is a Black Asiattic?

The Original Man is the Asiattic Black Man.


The kaa'ba in Mecca is a symbol if original Black Asiattics.  In the days of ignorance the Kaaba was full of idols for the pagan Arabs used Mecca as a training post, until Allah raised Prophet Muhammad to cleanse the kaa'ba of the idol and restore Meeca as a holy city. Today the black man in specific and all of human as a while is steeped in ignorance and idolatry worshiping paper money and gold/silber trophies and jewelry as gods beside Allah.  The Hon. Elijah Muhammad was raised by Allah to bring the black man and the world out of ignorance and to purge the idols.  

The Kaa'ba is a cube shaped with 4 sides demonstrating that the Original Man occupied all 4 directions (North South East and West) and that the Original Nation comprised the Asiattic Black, Brown, Red and Yellow man. 

kaaba 2_edited.jpg

Why 2 T's in Asiattic?

Asia Attic 

We use two T's for we are specially saying Asia Attic. In mathematics Asia is East or the direction of the rising sun. While the Attic is the top room of a building. Scripture says ye are the temple of God (1 Corinthians 6:19-20) and that Jesus met his disciples in the upper room (Mark14:14) The upper room of the temple is the head or mind which is where God dwells. To be Asiattic is for the LIGHT to rise up in you, to enlighten the mind. Christ in the upper room means to be Christ Conscious or Asiattic. 

ABN verse the NOI

The Asiattic Black Nation views itself as part of the larger Nation of Islam as a whole for we are ONE body and ONE nation under the eternal leadership and guidance of the Hon Elijah Muhammad; the messenger of Allah in this day and time. However, we are not in the classroom or under the authority of Minister Farrakhan. The ABN does not use Christian terminology and does not view Minister Farrahkhan as any type of messiah, jesus or savior figure no more then ALL the true believers are ONE nation called to be saviors of our dead people first in America and now throughout the world.   The ABN further differentiates for a few of the reasons listed below.   

ABN verse the NOI

Asiatic Black Nation:

regarding if the 

Hon. Elijah Muhammad is still physically/literally alive?   

The NOI, under Min Farrhakhan teaches that the Hon. Elijah Muhammad is physically/literally alive on the Mother Plane. Yet they offer no tangible evidence or clear explanation of how the Messenger escaped death and ascended to the Wheel other than dreams and visions.  The ABN holds that the messenger departed in 1975 but is alive mentally and spiritually in the hearts and minds of the believers. The Asiattic Black Nation of Islam is the physical body of Allah and his Messenger.   

Asiattic Black Nation

verse the NOI regarding Scientology . 

In (date) the NOI begin a relationship with the Church of Scientology and begin studying dianitics, auditing etc. While the fruit of our Islam is friendship in all walks of life, the ABN believes that auditing constitutes  "mixed instructions".  The ABN maintains that our salvation comes through the life giving teachings of the Hon Elijah Muhammad alone and does not need dianetics, auditing or Scientology. 

Asiattic Black Nation 

regarding the literal understanding of the Mother Plane as an UFO. 

The NOI teaches that the Mother Plane and/or baby planes are literal UFOs, the messenger is on a UFO and Minister Farrakhan is somehow "connected" to these UFOs.  The Messenger taught us to look in the Bible book of Ezilkel to understand the great Wheel within a Wheel. No where in Ezekiel does it point to an UFO.  The messenger used mathematic language when teaching about the Wheel which Min Farrahkhan has now interpreted literally to turn the NOI into an UFO/personality cult.   

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