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Economic Blueprint

One of the greatest accomplishments of the Hon Elijah Muhammad was to build a multi-million dollar independent global black owned business empire that has never been duplicated. He left us the blueprint to become an independently wealthy and self-sufficient people, respected throughout the earth. The ABN is following the blueprint through the 3 steps below. 

1. Do For Self

We all have natural God given gifts and talents that can be skillfully harnessed, perfected and monetized. The process of learning the knowledge of self and doing for self is the true glory of God.   

wealth creation_edited.jpg

2. Collective Economics

We must learn to work together and pull our resources together for the empowerment of the WHOLE not just the individual. There is no "I" on team and all must play our position and support each other as we work together to accomplish our collective goal of freedom, justice, equality, peace, love, health, wealth in luxury. 

3. Land of our Own!

To obtain true economic, political and social equality we need land of our own. Land is the basic foundation of any people. 

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